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You're Not Alone

I’ve thought about writing this out a thousand times.
I’ve tried to, just about as often.

Writing is how I process and share. Over the past few years, reading the stories and experiences of others, whether through blog posts or Instagram captions, has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but so be it. 
At first, in the early days after his diagnosis, I couldn’t because it would make it too real. Not the endless assessments and specialist appointments and forms to fill out, but seeing my own words, my own experience written out - it was too much. I also struggled with the fact that this is my son’s story. I am a supporting cast member, one who will never be able to understand his daily struggles, the amount of work and effort required to do what others consider simple daily tasks. This is his story to share when, hopefully, he is one day able to. Who am I to broadcast his diagnosis and daily life to the world?

Who am I?

I’m his Mom.

His advocate.

His haven.
The second I saw the posit…

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