Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner

As I mentioned in my previous post...

Lindsay Landis – legit best friend.

Her latest cookbook, Breakfast for Dinner, co-written with her husband Taylor Hackbarth, is as amazing as it’s name suggests.

In our home it’s definitely not uncommon to have brunch for lunch and breakfast for dinner. There is always room for eggs and pancakes! In fact, post-fasts always include bagels, eggs and accompanying breakfast buddies.  But Lindsay and Taylor take the concept of breakfast for dinner to a whole new level. We’re not talking about standing at the stove at 8pm making chocolate chip pancakes and desperately searching the fridge for syrup (although that is totally fine and I am not judging you in any way if you happen to do that… RE: me last Tuesday).  They take the concept and make it a million times better (like putting cookie dough into everything levels of awesome!).

What initially got my attention was the breakfast portion of the title, however it’s the dinner portion that really takes this cookbook to a whole new level. These recipes are infused with your favorite breakfast flavors, while simultaneously introducing flavors and ingredients you’d have never thought to incorporate. The Moroccan Chicken Cinnamon Rolls for instance, take two of my favorite foods and pair them. I often make Moroccan turnovers but why when you can make them cinnamon roll style?! *If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen trying to convert all my recipes into dishes that could meld with cinnamon rolls - thanks Lindsay & Taylor!

You’ll find everything from main dishes, to soups (hello Bloody Mary Tomato Soup!) to drinks (Frozen Sunrise Margaritas – with 1 ½ cups of orange juice, it’s basically a breakfast drink… right?).There’s even a dessert section – chocolate brownie waffles and oh yeah, the DOUGHNUT FUDGE SUNDAE! Yes.

Beyond the main recipes, another outstanding aspect is the inclusion of recipes that supplement other dishes, such as recipes for pitas, homemade pasta dough, marinara sauce and avocado cream sauce among others. It's also comforting that they always state “store-bought” along with the homemade variation (with the accompanying page number!) so if you’re short on time feel free to bust out the store made and know that the recipe still explicitly called for it!

This cookbook is comprehensive, creative and beautifully arranged. Once again every shot was captured by Lindsay and Taylor and if the mere title of the recipe doesn’t encourage you to make it immediately, then the gorgeous images will be the last push you need. It's a fantastic cookbook, easy to use and go through, beautifully put together and the recipes lend a sophisticated hand to bringing your favorite breakfast dishes to your dinner table! They inspire creativity and flavor, and push both your cooking style and your waffles out of their comfort zone. Definitely a worthwhile purchase and a cookbook you'll be referring to again and again! 

Disclaimer: This cookbook was generously provided by Quirk Books. The opinions and views expressed in my review are completely my own. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

9 Days Recipe Round-Up & Preview for Upcoming Cookbook Review!

Ice cream.



Mmm milk chocolate ice cream!

There are countless dairy items that make eating a meat meal always a challenge for me. My husband and I follow the Kosher dietary restriction of holding six hours between eating meat and dairy. I don’t think of myself as someone with commitment issues, but when it comes to eating meat, those six daunting hours always get me! Why is it that just after an amazing hamburger, I alwaysalwaysalways want chocolate. Or ice cream. Or anything dairy.

So, having said that, I’m not one to really feel the sacrifice of forgoing meat for the Nine Days. My husband on the other hand… When I reminded him this specific time frame would be starting Sunday evening, he immediately sought to rescue our leftover Shabbos dishes. Schnitzel sandwiches immediately happened. Miami ribs were not to be left behind. We went out and bought steak. Sunday dinner was pretty epic (followed by 6 hours of “can I have this ice cream bar yet?”).

So now that these days are upon us, I find myself trying to figure out as many creative dinners as possible. First, French onion soup and veggie cheeseburgers. Last night breakfast nachos. When I say those were a huge hit, it’s an understatement. Which got me thinking… at least once a week we have my favorite – breakfast for dinner. Whether it’s pancakes, scrambled eggs or a brunch spread of bagels and lox and more, it’s one of our favorite go to meal options!

Speaking of favorites… remember Lindsay Landis? Her Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook, was my cookbook of the summer last year. I have yet to try a cinnamon roll as good as her cookie dough stuffed cinnamon rolls. And the cookie dough stuffed French toast… hmm I think I just figured out what I’m having for dinner tonight!

Anyhow, the amazing Lindsay has released another cookbook! I was super lucky to receive a copy of it a little while ago but with moving and the wedding and everything happening at once, I never paid it the attention it truly deserves (although upon receiving it we did immediately make the Sunny Side Up Burgers – c’mon you’d wait to try that one out?!).

Oh the name of this epic book?

Breakfast for Dinner.

Because Lindsay Landis gets me. Anyone whose interests reside in stuffing everything with cookie dough and then turning breakfast into dinner, exceeds legit best friend levels. 

Come back soon for a review of this incredible cookbook and in the meantime – GO OUT AND GET IT! It’ll make the Nine Days more bearable for steak and rib loving husbands!

Meanwhile, here are some Itsy Bitsy Balebusta recipes, perfect for menu planning this week!

Tuna and Potato Casserole

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Months Later...

So... I'm BACK!

I promise I have a really good reason, for my spontaneous absence!

The last few months look a little like this: ENGAGED, moved from one province to another, Pesach, Unpacked, Vort/ Engagement Party, planned the wedding, Bridal Shower, Shabbos Kallah, GOT MARRIED! Sheva Brachos, Birthdays & even more!

Forgive me?

I'm back with more recipes, amazing cookbook reviews and a whole new adventure! Also, I'll share some pictures and stories from the past few months, from amazing desserts from the vort to unforgettable Sheva Brachos, first married Shabbos and the list goes on!

Grab some chocolate and come along for the ride!