Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thank You, Y

On my first Mother's Day as a Mommy, I want to celebrate Y. Celebrate him for making me a Mommy. For adding an infinite amount of overwhelming love to my life. For adding sleep deprivation, the biggest smiles, the 2 am tears (from both of us), the quiet moments, the really loud moments and everything in between. Thank you for pushing me. Pushing me to love more, to be more patient, to slow down and accept that holding you all day is my new to do list and everything will get done. Eventually. Or it won't. For pacing around for hours willing the crying to stop and for rocking back and forth for hours willing the little cooing and giggling to continue forever. For those bright eyes first thing in the morning staring at me, depending on me. For making me so much more appreciative and in awe of my Mom. For making me so grateful & overwhelmed with love for M, when I see the two of you together - my whole world. For teaching me what comes first & what will always come first. For the tears of joy, fear, exhaustion and wonder. 

For everything. For the most amazingly terrifying and incredible adventure of my life. 

Thank you, Y for making me a Mommy.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

An Itsy Bitsy Surprise!

What better time than Mother's Day to share our big, itsy bitsy, news!

The bun's out of the oven! With overwhelming gratitude to Hashem, M & I are so thrilled to share the arrival of our beautiful baby BOY! He has the most amazing smiles, is incredibly cuddly and is absolutely delicious! Our little man has brought so much sweetness to our lives! 

I'm just about ready to get back to posting and sharing new recipes, stories and the new lessons I'm learning everyday, in this new chapter of balebusta-hood! I hope to share more insights in to what being a balebusta means to me now, and it goes way beyond the kitchen! Hope you'll join me for this amazing-exciting-overwhelming-sleep deprived roller coaster ride and follow along for a new dimension to the blog & even more yumminess thanks to our Little Man!