Edgeware Better Zester

This review is part of an article featured on KosherScoop.  This product was sent to me for review by Edgeware via Kosher Scoop.  You can find this review & others over at Kosher Scoop.com.

As an itsy bitsy balebusta, I happily welcome any kitchen tool that can help the ease and efficiency of preparing meals! Between being on the phone with my Mom trying to confirm recipe directions, or the occasional recovery of a dish gone wrong, all the while keeping an eye on timers, my kitchen is a hectic place. Small appliances and gadgets are essentially my assistants, helping me to prepare everything on time, with a little extra flair. Edgeware’s Better Zester is the newest addition to my team!

Truthfully, seeing “zest” of any kind listed as an ingredient in recipes is always daunting. I’ve never had a proper zester and would more often than not skip the step altogether or resort to using a grater. Definitely not the best option.

Better Zester completely changes that. It is sheer convenience and ingenuity. The handle is comfortable to grip and allows the zester to remain stably in your hand, while the stainless steel v-etched teeth and non-stick coating allow you to effortlessly zest without having to pick out the pith! It also comes with a cover, which protects the gadget once it goes from use to drawer (although you’ll find so many instances to use it, I’m sure it’ll rarely reach the drawer!). There’s even a handy device that slides across the back saving you from having to run your finger along the zester to remove any zest clinging on. And my favorite feature is definitely the storage container attached to the back, which catches the zest AND is labeled with measurements. No more zesting for minutes wondering exactly how many tablespoons you’ve reached!

Overall, it’s a fantastic, innovative product that accomplishes exactly what the best kitchen gadgets should. It makes food preparation easy and enjoyable, while lending a hand to elevate the flavor and presentation of your dish. From someone that would previously skip the “zesting” step altogether, I now look forward to seeing it in recipes and even go so far as to add an extra bit of zest to icing or as a little extra something, when plating a dessert. It greatly enhanced the flavor and presentation of the lemon loaf that I made for Shabbat, while only taking a couple of mere minutes. After using it to zest the lemon into the batter, I was inspired to also add a bit of zest to the icing as well as garnish on the plate! Definitely a valued member of this itsy bitsy balebusta’s team!


  1. ive also skipped recipes that call for zesting, great review, I'm tempted to get one now

  2. I probably use my zester more than any other kitchen gadget, it is such an easy way to add flavor. Try zesting a cinnamon stick over some apples, amazing!


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