Avo Ana's Carrot Cake {Updated!}

There are few desserts that are synonymous with my paternal grandmother, Avo Ana, and carrot cake is most definitely one. This past Friday marked 9 years since her passing. When choosing a dessert for Shabbos there was no question - her carrot cake. As I mentioned when I initially posted this recipe almost a year ago, she would always have it waiting on the kitchen table when I'd walk in for Sunday dinner. There were the typical roast, ribs and trimmings that everyone always made a dash for, but that carrot cake had my name on it.

The first time I made it was two years ago. It was a difficult time and I was desperate for any link back to those Sundays and that time. When I opened her recipe book and found this, I couldn't have been happier. I translated the recipe from Portuguese into English and set out making it. Luckily, it was inherently pareve and needed no work on my behalf, besides the translation and converting her measurements.

This cake is comfort, materialized. It's my cousins running around, my great aunt and uncle watching us lovingly. It's my grandfather at the head of the table observing us all while my grandmother steals the show with her stories, wit and charm. It's laughter, family and memories in every slice. I hope you enjoy revisiting this recipe - one of my absolute favorites. I updated the pictures and directions (after countless times making it now, I've picked up a few tricks!).


Avo Ana's Carrot Cake


  1. Carrot cake - delicious! Is that cream cheese icing I see?

  2. What a beautiful and delicious way to remember your grandmother!


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