How Sweet - Pinning & Doughnuts!

How weird is it that I feel so productive, going through my pins and boards on Pinterest and cleaning them out?

On second thought, don't answer that...

I have a problem when it comes to pinning - I pin everything. I have boards for my "someday" home, boards of quotes that struck a chord, or made me laugh, and a board entitled "Further Reading" - how far in the future I'll actually get around to reading those 100+ articles, no one knows. There are pins for cleaning, pins for gifts and crafts I'm 99.9% sure I have neither the ability nor the concentration required to make and pins for outfits that rival the cost of my "someday" home board. But most of all I have recipe pins.

So. Many. Recipe. Pins.

I love to cook and bake - pin something that has chocolate, bread or let's be realistic is just fantastic looking and chances are I'm going to re-pin in! The last couple of weeks though, I've really set out to evaluate this pinning obsession. Don't get me wrong, I don't sit at my computer or on my phone for endless hours pinning - I get on once or twice a week, between work and home and the million other things going on. But like laundry and dishes, they add up (albeit it, are much more fun!).

Now this brings me back to my recent "productive" cleaning out sessions. I've gone through recipes removing ones I've made that just didn't work out and even better, discovering things I've pinned months to a year ago that I never got around to making that I suddenly HAD to. Like 8am standing in the kitchen on a Friday, have to make. 

And that's where this recipe comes in. With Chanukah a couple of weeks away, there's no shortage of doughnut recipes floating around - and you won't find me complaining! Doughnuts are our favorite. M will surprise me with one from time to time, they're our go to Shabbos treat, they're at the center of all of our celebrations and the ideal remedy for a pick me up! Who can forget my Birthday Bakery Hopping day, where the only rule was that if the bakery had doughnuts that was the first purchase!

These were incredibly easy to make, took me less than 40 minutes. start to finish and were picture perfect! M loved them and I couldn't pass them on the table without grabbing one...or two. I can't believe I pinned them over a year ago and never got around to actually making them!

I absolutely love, Jessica over at How Sweet Eats. I visit her blog all the time and leave with not only fantastic recipes but also laughing hysterically. She's awesome. And she makes awesome doughnuts (and pulled chicken sandwiches, and soups...). You can find this particular recipe over at How Sweet Eats 

I found them a little cakey, but definitely better than the kosher "doughnut hole" variety I've had the past couple of years. The glaze was perfect (I substituted soy milk in both the glaze and actual recipe other than buttermilk to keep it pareve, and honestly early on Friday morning I just wanted doughnuts, not a science experiment to make a buttermilk pareve replacement, but that's just me). Also, since I had already made a batch of cookies for Shabbos, I halved this recipe and it was more than enough for 2 people. Using a tablespoon measurement to scoop out dough, I had about 20 doughnut holes! Lastly, I actually used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the oil and make sure it was at 350 before starting. Hate to admit it, but usually I wing it - definitely not when it comes to doughnuts though! I was happy I did and they only needed about 2 minutes in the pot (timed with a timer to avoid the charred eggplant episode from a couple of weeks ago...), turning once with a slotted spoon before they were done. I let them cool for about 15 minutes then all food blogger like, placed them on my cooling rack and started the glazing process! I used a fork and spoon to roll each doughnut hole around in a bowl of glaze and them placed them on the cooling rack- super fancy, eh? I found this provided the highest glaze to doughnut ratio and completely covered the entire surface! 

These are super easy, delicious and barely take any time (to make and eat!). The perfect addition to a Chanukah menu that's already stressed!


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