Goodbye Summer!

As much as I absolutely love Fall, I'm actually sad to see summer go this year! I was fortunate enough to be able to spend long, sun filled days, outside with our beautiful baby boy, watching him discover the trees and leaves for the first time on our many walks, enjoying the breeze between his toes (I just can't seem to keep his socks on him!) and finally getting out and about after months of colic and being stuck indoors!

While Fall may scream pumpkin spice, apples and cinnamon, I come from a family where besides the addition of a soup here and there, the menu doesn't change all that much. Regardless of the temperature, come rain or shine, snow or warm breezes, my parent's barbecue is always lit and ready to go! Living in an apartment, we look forward to Sundays when we visit my parents and fire up the grill in their backyard, that they generously gifted M!

My two favorite parts of the week are Friday afternoon, when M gets home from work and we have a whole Shabbos and weekend ahead together as a family & Sundays, when we visit my parents, siblings and niece and spend time together amid laughter, food and catching up over what happened throughout the week! With an 8 month old, it's incredible how much can change in seven days!

I've often stressed how large a role meals and food play in my family. When I was younger we would alternate between my grandparents houses every Sunday, and join them for a large family dinner. Now I'm so proud to bring our little boy down to his grandparents house each Sunday, continuing that tradition in our own small way! Sundays recharge us for the week. It isn't just the incredible food, the time spent preparing it in the kitchen with family or watching everyone ooo and ahh over the grandkids. It's being together. It's not worrying about to do lists, bills, messes to tidy or messages to respond to. It's about being present in the moment and taking it in and making sure it lasts us the rest of the week! I like to think  of it as our bonus Shabbos!

Of course, while the smiles, laughter and fun are amazing, what would Sunday be without the food?

All year round, the barbecue at my parents house is lit up and in action. Whether it's a Tuesday after work, or a snowy Sunday dinner, there's nothing stopping us from our grilling! There is something extra special about it in the summertime though. Being outside, watching my Dad & M, beer in hand, preparing dinner, while I play with baby Y & our niece, or catch up with my Mom & sister (because it's not like we don't already text each other a thousand times throughout the week...) makes being outside in the stifling weather, worth it! With the cooler weather upon us, we savor the flavor of the barbecue to bring back the warm memories!

Having said all that, I want to share a super quick, simple and flavorful recipe. And if I can make it with Y in the kitchen, in a few minutes, while M & my Dad wait outdoors, you know that description is accurate!

This is completely adaptable to your taste and whichever vegetables are in season! We use a non stick, stir fry pan from Kitchen Stuff Plus (more on my love for them coming soon!) and we found that placing a sheet of aluminum foil in it before adding the vegetables garnered the best results! It's a fresh and easy way to easily infuse the flavor of summer and grilling, into your meal all year round!


Grilled Vegetables (Serves 2)

2 cups of green beans, ends trimmed
1 medium zucchini, sliced
1 8 oz package of mushrooms
2 tbsp olive oil
garlic powder
dash of salt

Place all of the vegetables into the pan

Drizzle approximately 2 tbsp of olive oil over the vegetables.

Generously sprinkle garlic powder over and add a small dash of salt

Place on a heated barbecue for approximately 20 minutes, turning occasionally to prevent burning (when flipping, adjust time to suit your preference in terms of how well done the veggies are!)

Serve immediately


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