Sharsheret Pie Bake Sale!

I've often mentioned my motivation for starting this blog. I initially used it as a place where I would work out my grief, where I could come to and write about recipes and the memories they recalled. My grandmother was an incredible person, who had a big hand in raising me and whose house, even well into my teenage years, I would still want to run away to! There are certain people in your life who you can't imagine not being around, certain people who are so much more than just their title. My grandmother was a second Mom, a teacher, a friend and always, always, always there. When she fell ill, I would travel to the hospital after work and on Sundays and spend countless hours sitting and just talking with her. It's amazing how little we ever really chatted before then. I learned so much about her. From her life in Portugal, to family dynamics and hilarious stories she'd share when she was alert. Her humor made those long afternoons fly by and when M would join me, she'd work so hard to speak English or ensure that she paused after each sentence so I could translate for him. She absolutely loved him and the fact that I was lucky enough to be able to not only introduce the two of them but also have them spend so much time together, means so much to me. It hurts so much that she didn't get to meet Y, but there's a very big part of me that knows that she loves him and is proud of him regardless. When it came to choosing a wedding date, although far off in the distance, all she insisted was that I pick my own date, since I had mentioned wanting to get married on her anniversary. In the end, a few years later when it was time to choose a day, we chose the day after their anniversary - that way we could still be connected, but it would technically be our "own day." Well, fast forward to Y's birth. Three weeks before his due date I had a doctor's appointment and while checking in with reception, was basically told I was in labor. A day later, Y was born. The day before the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. As far fetched as it seems, I feel like that was her small way of wanting to be connected but also wanting Y to have his "own day."

This past week, I received an email as part of a young wife/Mommy email group informing the group about an upcoming bake sale. While these emails are anything but rare, this one really struck me. It mentioned an organization I had never heard of and within 5 minutes of looking into their story, I was blown away and knew I had to share it with you! The organization is called, Sharsheret. They are a non-profit organization that supports Jewish women of all backgrounds suffering from breast or ovarian cancer. They are a community, a resource, a place to turn to for research, information and so much more. They help women of all ages, family and friends, caregivers and men. They know that a diagnosis affects an entire family. They even provide information for Health Care professionals, in terms of treating Jewish women! They have programs, information packets and so much more. It really is truly incredible, the breadth of comprehensive support this organization provides. When I learned of my grandmother's diagnosis, I was overwhelmed and terrified. I wish I had known of these resources. The hope is that no one will ever need this, but if you do, know that Sharsheret is there!

Which brings me back to last week's email. Pies for Prevention, is a pie bake sale, just in time for Thanksgiving, where funds are raised to support Sharsheret's Ovarian Cancer Program. You can place your order for a pie online until Monday November 17th, and pick it up at one of the locations across the U.S., in Toronto and Israel as well on November 26th! Pies include Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pie, Pecan Pie, Brownie Pie, American Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie and more! You're also able to make a separate donation if there isn't a location close to you! You'll be getting a delicious pie and supporting a fantastic organization!

So, if you're celebrating (American) Thanksgiving, what better way to show your gratitude for wonderful organizations, for your health and for people out there working to do so much good, than ordering a pie to share with your table? And if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving this month, why not take the inspiration of the past month of Chaggim and put it into action. It's a delicious, simple way to make a difference!

I am not affiliated with Sharsheret nor involved in the bake sale. I recently came across this initiative and it hit home. I wanted to share it with all of my generous, wonderful readers and give you the opportunity to support such an important cause! 


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