Flourless: Recipes for Naturally Gluten-Free Desserts & A Giveaway!

After all of the Passover cooking, who doesn't have a renewed sense of appreciation for those who go all year round without gluten? While there are those who will be quick to say that 8 days isn't so bad and that they have their favorite Passover desserts/ recipes - maybe even a few they use year round - reaching for flour-filled cakes, cookies and bread after the holiday, is always welcome. Having the ability to only have to limit our flourless intake to eight days a year is a luxury!

Being the only one in my family who keeps kosher, I'm sensitive to having food available to meet any dietary requirement. It's such a central part of gatherings and truthfully, our heritage. I'm incredibly, incredibly fortunate to have parents who are not only understanding but also super accommodating. They've gone above and beyond to provide M with a BBQ and always ensure we have what to make/eat when we arrive at their home for Sunday dinner. With Y a part of the party now, it's amazing to see the variety of snacks and treats my parents always have on hand for him. He never has to feel like he's missing out!

While planning Y's birthday I did my best to take into account that a few of our guests wouldn't be able to partake in most of the sweets. While there were fruit and veggie options on the table, what kid would enjoy going to a party where they couldn't have cake or candy while everyone else around them was? I was nervous to attempt to bake anything myself, with all the flour constantly floating around the kitchen, and it took having to search for delicious gluten-free kosher options, to realize the shortage of availability! In the end we made individual bags with plenty of candy, iced brownies from a local gluten-free bakery and more! My respect and admiration is endless for families that have this as a daily challenge.

Given all of this, you can imagine that when I opened Nicole Spiridakis' cookbook, Flourless I was blown away. Nicole herself is not gluten-free, but her sister in law does keep a gluten-free diet. Nicole became obsessed with the idea of naturally gluten-free recipes after exploring the idea that it's "often easier to make desserts that did not call for any wheat flour at all compared to those that incorporated a gluten-free flour substitute." Truth be told, that was also another reason I was hesitant to bake anything myself for our gluten-free family members. While recipes are plentiful and easy to find, those that didn't include complicated/ expensive/ hard to find flour blends or gums, were in short supply.

Nicole's cookbook is absolutely fantastic, and that's coming from someone who basically can't make it throughout the day without a baked good. I love that her cookbook is compiled of recipes that have easily accessible and inexpensive ingredients and don't require unfamiliar components to make gluten-free treats! Additionally, I think she makes an incredibly important point when she says that, "The main thing to keep in mind when creating flourless desserts is to not see them as substitutes for more traditional desserts... They're delicious in their own right."

This cookbook is wonderful in all regards. The writing is clear, heartfelt and you can't help but be inspired to give it a shot, regardless of how far outside your comfort zone flourless baking is. I love the dark tone of the images, and how they showcase respective recipes in clear, real, natural ways perfectly complimenting their inherent structure and qualities. The styling and arrangement is perfect. You really question how these muffins, cookies and more could be gluten-free!

That's right, I said muffins and cookies! Flourless holds within its pages recipes for Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Puddings, Tarts, Candies and Confections among other treats. You're not limited to the souffl├ęs and flourless chocolate cakes that all too frequently come up when you search for gluten-free recipes (although those are surely included as well!). Here you will find recipes for a flavorful Lemon Loaf, a delicious Apple Tea Cake with Maple Glaze and what will become your go to gluten-free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies! The recipes are versatile, perfect for breakfast, dessert, to gift and more. You can bake them seasonally and enjoy summer picnic or Thanksgiving go to's, from berry pies to pumpkin bread (yes, bread!), or enjoy them year round. You'll also find bold flavors such as ginger, sesame, tahini, rosemary, pistachio and more, to expand your palette! The array of recipes goes above and beyond to provide you with a comprehensive collection of options that leaves you with plenty of inspiration, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the lack of availability to muffins and more.

Oatie Squares
Quick & simple to make, with easy to find, natural ingredients! A total hit here!
Given how inspired I was by this cookbook, and how great my appreciation is for families and individuals who face the task of altering their menu to comply with a gluten-free diet for any of a variety of reasons, I'm so excited to be able to share a giveaway for this cookbook, courtesy of the very generous Raincoast Books. You can enter below and I hope this cookbook brings plenty of inspiration and warm delicious delights into your kitchen and home! Good luck & enjoy!

Flourless Giveaway Contest Details/ Rules:
Open to Canadian residents. No purchase necessary. Skill-based question will be asked upon drawing winner's name. Prize is one (1) copy of Nicole Spiridakis' cookbook Flourless provided by Raincoast Books, approximate retail value of $38.95. Odds of winning are dependent on number of eligible entries received. Contest will run from Monday April 20th, 2015 until Sunday April 26th, 2015 at 12:00 am EST.


  1. I really enjoy flourless chocolate cake and creme brulee

  2. I've made gluten free Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes

  3. flourless sunflower butter cookies mmmm

  4. I love gluten free banana and walnut homemade bread.

  5. Always looking for new ideas for healthy treats and baked goods! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  6. I'm Gluten free 100% of the time. How is it I don't have this cookbook in my collection? I have an insanely overactive sweet-tooth and therefore love all gluten free desserts. My current favourite is the Chocolate Cranberry Brownies that I'm making for a family dinner.

  7. Looks like a wonderful book that would be a boon for our family which includes one child with celiac, and three with gluten intolerance, and a husband with a gluten allergy plus multiple other allergies. Cooking gets tricky at times. I love the idea of naturally gluten-free recipes.


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