Classic Hummus

Some things just go together.

Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Chicken & Potatoes.

Chocolate... & well, everything.

And then there's Challah and Hummus. It doesn't matter what I've made for Shabbat, what I'm excited to try or what delicacies have been laid out, when that fresh Challah is cut and the hummus is passed around... happiness!

I had tried homemade hummus before, but it always tasted a little... off. I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but store bought hummus was always on the very top of my grocery list for Shabbat! Mainly due to the fact that it was incredibly expensive, one week I decided to look around online for recipes. I wanted something that I could quickly whip up in the food processor, while cooking the rest of Shabbat. I didn't want it to be a production and I wanted it to taste just as good if not better than what I had been buying. I knew that was a lot to ask for, but I started searching and a few recipes later I found my hummus!

It's fantastic on it's own and even better with a dash of paprika, or roasted peppers! It's adaptable to pretty much any preference! I make this every 2 weeks, and keep it refrigerated in a plastic container. One of my new favorite meals, is roasted sweet potato with 3 tablespoons of the hummus in a warm pita, mMm!!

You can find the recipe by going over to allrecipes.

Below you will find notes on my method of preparation!

 I place all of the wet ingredients + the garlic into the food processor first.

 The chickpeas go in next, after a good rinse (1-2 minutes under a heavy, cold stream of water, occasionally tossing the chickpeas by hand).

Then I puree for approximately 5 minutes, on low, stopping every once in a while to check on consistency (and give the motor a break!).

Simple as that! If you're ever not in the mood to run to the store to pick some up, looking for a quick snack or want to try out a homemade version, this is a great one to start out with! 



  1. so easy and healthy and delicious! thanks for sharing

  2. I make Hummus almost weekly, but I started doing it with dried chickpeas and noticed that it is even better, but also that there are different varieties and that changes it too. And I usually peel the skins off, it is more work, but the smoother texture is worth it for me.

  3. This IS simple! I may have to try this!

  4. Chummus is a STAPLE in my house, I make two batches weekly, one for shabbat and one for the freezer. I'd argue that chummus is less synonymous with challah in our house as I serve it as a bed for spiced ground beef - an appetizer that never has any leftovers!

  5. The same food mill I use for my marinara sauce works great for hummus! a Tuscan variation: swap chickpeas for cannellini white beans....

  6. I don't think a week goes by without my making some hummus. Like you, I used to buy it, but once you make your own, there's no going back. This recipe is so simple -- and adaptable. Can add lemon juice or zatar or toasted pine nuts and so on, so you have a variety of hummus recipes in your repertoire.

  7. simple and delicious - my kind of recipe!

  8. Love Chummus too although I don't need challah or pita or anything - by the spoonful is good for me


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