Mommy's Bacalhau

This past week, I was incredibly thrilled and flattered to have had the opportunity of being featured in the Blogger Spotlight over at the Joy of Kosher website. If you've never visited the site, it's a must! Clear, concise, quick and easy recipes for everything from appetizers to the most flavorful desserts! There are menus, holiday guides, videos and much more to help you make the most of your time in the kitchen!

I was super excited to have had the opportunity to share one of the most quintessentially Portuguese dishes I've tried my hand at so far - Bacalhau. Imagine cod fish, fried potatoes and egg all assembled the same way you would a lasagna! You can find the complete recipe and directions over at Joy of Kosher. Below you will find a picture of what it should look like once it is in the pan, preparing to simmer. Do not worry if it is runny or you think there is too much liquid, what doesn't evaporate becomes absorbed in the fish with the excess being absorbed by the potatoes!
Bacalhau is one dish that indisputably renders memories of my grandmother's kitchen. Truth be told, it took years for me to even try the dish, but once I had, it was clear why it was such a concrete traditional dish in not only my home but in those of all of my friends growing up as well! Potatoes, fish, hard boiled eggs... it really couldn't get any more Portuguese! I can clearly remember my grandmother preparing it and placing it on the counter, in it's glass tray and my grandfather enjoying it for dinner with a glass of wine.

The first time my Mom made it I was mesmerized. You know when you're young and you think that teachers live in the school and that your Mom really has no idea when you sneak those vegetables off of the plate? Well I was also under the impression that there were some things only my grandmother could do! My Mom has this amazing ability to take my grandmother's recipes and make them fool proof for me. She retains all the steps, flavors etc but clarifies everything and walks me through each step. I've always been hesitant to try cooking this dish myself, but with my newly clarified directions, I was ready for the challenge.

When I took the bacalhau out of the oven, the aroma not only carried me back into my grandmother's house, but the pride of being able to take pictures and send them to my Mom was incredibly gratifying. I felt like I was initiated into a special circle of Balebusta's in my family, bringing a dish that's been made in all of their houses, to my table too!


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