Shabbos Menu #1

Thursdays look a little like this around here:

I go through countless flyers on my phone sorting out the best deals everywhere then put together a grocery list based on what we need. At some point after feeling totally capable and organized, I realize that I have to be at work in half an hour and that I’m still lacking a Shabbos menu – which I’ll have to start cooking less than five hours later! At this point I’m surrounded by cookbooks and menus from previous weeks, and frantically going through recipe groups online. Sounds hectic but I love every second!

I’ve really grown to appreciate the boards that share Shabbos menus! While we have a few salads and appetizers that are staples it’s always fun to see what other’s are making! The inspiration for many components for our Shabbos meals has come from reading other menus! So I realized, why not share my menus weekly here and if you’d like you’re more than welcome to share yours in the comment section.

I’ll share our menu from the previous week together with any notes on how things turned out and whether it’s worth trying or skip it altogether. I’ll add the cookbooks and coordinating pages to certain recipes and share family favorites as well!

I hope you’ll come back weekly and share what you’re making too!

Shabbos Menu #1 (2 people)

Homemade Challah
* When it comes to Challah, Gatherings is my go-to. My husband loves it and after a little tweaking and plenty of help from my awesome bread machine, we definitely look forward to it all week! We absolutely love Gatherings and after cooking our way through most of it a friend mentioned having tried the Challah at a Shavuot meal. I couldn’t believe after all our success with the other recipes; we had never tried it out! It’s now my base for onion buns, babka and basically anything that involves dough! I add the higher end of honey called for - ½ cup, set my bread machine to the dough setting and go about preparing the rest of our Shabbos menu. Stay tuned for a review, (courtesy of our nieces and nephew!) that made Shabbos Challah even more fun (and easier to prepare!).

M's Tomato Jalapeño Salad
* Will definitely have to get M to guest post this recipe ASAP!

Gefilte Fish

Gatherings Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (page 141)
* Line the roasting pan with parchment paper! No mess and bakes perfectly!

Steamed Green Beans

Marble Fudge Cake

Shabbos Lunch:

M's Jalapeño Tomato Salad
Gefilte Fish

Beef Samosas

Bais Yaakov Cookbook Overnight Crockpot Potato Kugel (page 226)
* Amazing! I prepare it when I get home from work late Friday afternoon, and thanks to the food processor and crock-pot have a warm, filling side ready in no time. My husband suggested a few alternations after the first week I made it and now it’s exactly the way we like it! I use 7-8 medium potatoes, 4 eggs, and only 1 tsp of salt. I also gradually changed the amount of onions. I prefer it with one full onion while my husband prefers it with 2. 

Green Beans

Marble Fudge Cake



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