Beyond The Kitchen #1: The Tree!

As the itsy bitsy baleubusta, I have come to learn plenty while throwing out burned batches of desserts or wandering the grocery store looking for that one ingredient (without knowing the wide variety of substitutions available to me in my pantry at home...). Here's hoping these little tips and tricks will save you needless trips around town or at the very least make you smile knowing we don't all always have it figured out!
Having moved into a new apartment five hours away from home, I'm doing my best to make it as homey as possible... on a budget! I have discovered an incredible amount of resources available to me at the local dollar store. A quick look around the web also provided a wide variety of craft ideas. Coupled together and my apartment is well on it's way from stark white walls to being a real home!

I decided to start with the bathroom. It isn't a super large space, but it is a fairly comfortable size. Besides a hook on the door there is no where to hang towels or face cloths. I decided to take the white wall opposite the vanity and using an image I had come across online, create a towel holder! My main concerns were that it had to hold at least 3 hooks (one for clothing, one for a face cloth and one for a large towel) but at the same time not impede the door from opening. This was the perfect fit!

For $2 I purchased a tree decal from the dollar store. It peels off easily and adheres to the wall safely not ruining the paint at all.
*lesson learned: do not pat it down/ smooth it out until you are completely sure that it is in the exact location that you need it to be, peeling it off to readjust risks ruining the decal!

I was initially planning on purchasing contact paper at the local craft store and drawing out a tree myself then cutting it out and adhering it to the wall. The decal was a significantly easier method, but if you are unable to find one, contact paper is a great alternative!

I placed the tree high enough so that the towels wouldn't lay on the heater or drag onto the floor.

Then, using $2 ceiling hooks from the local hardware store, I hung three on "branches" of various heights. They screwed into the wall fairly easily
*lesson learned: just be sure you're going into the actual wall! knock to make sure it isn't hollow!

There you have it! A cheap way to make a stark white wall functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Here's the link to the source I found for this idea with a link underneath the image to Emily Elizabeth Interior Design. I initially found the image on Pinterest and after some detective work was able to track it back to here! I simply had the image to go on, and decided on the decal and ceiling hooks myself!

Good luck!
Itsy Bitsy Balebusta

p.s. HUGE thanks to M who patiently worked tirelessly to help figure out the "how to" and actually get this up!


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