Broccoli Kugel

I know this is bound to sound super weird but I want to share a Passover recipe that I think is on par with all year round recipes *cue gasp!* It's not a dessert, it doesn't even have a hint of chocolate in it... in fact its main ingredient is broccoli. Hang in there, I promise it'll be worth the time!

I am so excited to add this recipe because it's a recipe from my first Passover preparations! The beginning of my own traditions and holiday staples! This itsy bitsy balebusta is growing everyday!

I love kugels. You can think of a kugel as a blend between a casserole and a pie. They are incredibly versatile - you can find recipes for everything from a noodle kugel to potato, carrot, zucchini and so on! This particular kugel is quite possibly the best way to sneak broccoli onto the table and actually make it tasty! I tried my best to not re-make any recipes during Passover and have a different side, main and dessert for each meal, however for second days I couldn't resist and made it again! It's a great addition to any meal, both dairy or meat and compliments anything from roast to a lasagna. And it's non-gebrokts (meaning it has no matzah or cake meal or flour at all!). Really it's the jackpot of Passover sides and so good you'll want to make it all year round! Enjoy!

Broccoli Kugel (makes 1 2" x 6" loaf)
(adapted from

12 oz broccoli, washed and checked (frozen works just as well, just make sure it's defrosted and thawed)
3 eggs
8 tablespoons margarine
3/4 cup mayonnaise
3 tablespoons potato starch
2 teaspoons dry onion soup mix
dash of salt and pepper

Whisk eggs, mayo, potato starch, margarine, dry onion soup mix and salt and pepper until completely combined
Slowly add the broccoli 3 ounces at a time and continue whisking until all of the broccoli is completely coated in egg the mixture
Pour mixture into a greased loaf pan (a shallow pie dish or brownie type pan would work just as well!)
Bake for approximately 30 minutes, or until golden.
Allow 20 minutes to cool, the oil will absorb and the loaf will deflate a bit, but it's totally alright! (*I realized that it didn't signal disaster after slightly panicking when it happened the few times I made it!)
It can be served cold or warm and should be stored, covered in the refrigerator


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