Time For Some Cheesecake...

It's no secret that I love cake. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, carrot, banana, with frosting or without - cake is wonderful. It's one of the best parts of birthdays, dessert menus and... life! It almost feels magical; a few eggs, some flour, throw in some sugar, add a few extras and BAM you've got yourself some happiness.

And then along comes the Queen of all cakes. The Cheesecake. The luxurious option that always makes choosing dessert a challenge (c'mon you've been there, sitting in a restaurant trying to decide if you'll go for the cheesecake with the warm chocolate or strawberry or caramel sauce or that classic chocolate cake!). It's never a question with me - cheesecake always wins. It just does.

I want to share this recipe in the spirit of Shavuot. This is only second to my Mom's cheesecake cupcakes (which I hope to post asap!) for All Time Favorite Cheesecake. Without question, everyone I have shared this recipe with has not only loved it, but adopted it themselves. It's been served at Shavuot lunches, Kollel Ladies' Kiddushes and just about anywhere else my friends have deemed fit. That's the thing about this cheesecake - not only is it so wonderful that you want to make it for yourself all the time and eat the entire cake in a sitting, you WANT to share it! You want everyone to try it because it makes you feel like some super amazing baker (re: chocolate cream filled cupcakes!). And it's just SO good! Think Terry's Chocolate Orange (kosher in the UK and basically the only thing I ever ask of from anyone heading in that direction) + a smooth, creamy Hershey's chocolate! Yup. It's a winner.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Now I'm off to make some cake, and quite possibly (umm... definitely) eat some too!

Click on the picture below for the recipe!


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